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    Do I have to pay to use the Elanat framework?

    No, Elanat is a free and open-source framework. Elanas also is CMS.

    Is the Elanat framework copied from other similar systems?

    No, the Elanat framework has been redesigned and implemented from zero to one hundred.

    What tools were used to create the Elanat framework?

    The core of the Elanat framework is created using the ASP.NET Core and the C# language, and the SQL Server database manages the Elanat framework data.

    Can I delete the Elanat copyright?

    Yes, you can delete the copyright for personal and commercial use (creating a website for the customer). It is not possible to provide the Elanat framework for free only under certain circumstances (free copying and open-source code of Elanat is prohibited if copyright is removed).

    Can I sell my add-ons separately from the Elanat website?

    Keep in mind that the tariffs set for Elanat's share of your add-ons sales are negligible and your add-ons will be more likely to be seen and displayed, however yes you can get your add-ons out of Elanat Sell.

    Can I combine the Elanat framework or part of it with my own software or that of others?

    If your use is commercial, yes (Does not include direct introduction of Elanat new technologies, innovations and patents.); if the source code software is free, you must comply with Elanat copyright. Elanat is not responsible for the integration of the framework or any part of it with other open-source software.

    Elanat is a framework or a content management system?

    Elanat is a web-based framework that includes a content management system by default.

    How do I create a new add-on for Elanat?

    Creating an add-on for Elanat is very simple; in order to create an add-on for Elanat, all you have to do is download the raw file of the add-on catalog and fill in its values and create a zip file with the add-on file. For more information, click on the link below.
    How create plugin add-on in Elanat framework

    Why are the categories displayed in Elanat cluttered?

    This is not true, and when the number of pages is low, it may seem so. If you only view categories, the list of latest content will be displayed from top to bottom. The same thing happens for each page and the content is displayed from top to bottom, so that the content at the bottom of page 1 is the first content of the category and the content at the top of the last page is the last content of the category. This pagination structure has the highest compatibility with search engines.

    Why are some changes not applied in Elanat?

    In order to increase the response speed of the Elanat framework, a large number of files with settings and values are applied statically in global variables. Normally, it is possible to edit such files in the configuration component, and with changes in this component, the static values are updated, and edits outside the configuration component require manual updating; to refresh, after entering the admin panel, select Home from the top of the system screen and then click on the refresh component and then click on the refresh button labeled application start in the refresh section. For some settings, it may be necessary to click on the refresh button of the cache label.

    Page is a type of content or a add-on? Why is it placed in the Content system by default?

    In the Elanat framework, a page is both a type of content and a type of add-on; and it is closer to the content system. Therefore, it is placed in the Content system by default.

    Why are there few add-ons in Elanat?

    Currently, we are trying to ensure that the initial versions are in good condition. Also note, Elanat core includes many add-ons compared to other systems. Creating an add-on for Elanat is very simple, and even the most beginner users of mobile phones or computers can easily create an add-on for Elanat. The scale of Elanat is different from other systems and is very powerful.