• Server provider

    provide server for Elanat
    Server Provider
    Elanat needs a server provider to provide its services on elanat.net domain. Elanat does not pay a fee to the server provider.

    What does the server provider get?

    The server provider gets an advertisement (including a 284x42 image include link) and a text link at the bottom of the footer box and another text link at the footer, all referring to an internal Elanat page or directly to their website.

    Start with the minimum required system:

    - European virtual servers

    - Windows Server 2019 (no license required)

    - The processor includes at least two physical cores

    - Bandwidth of at least 50 megabits

    - SSD hard drive (if it is SATA, it should be used maximum for 4 other virtual operating systems.)

    - A dedicated IP


    - The provider of the virtual server has an English-language website and has the possibility of providing a payment system in Western countries such as the countries of the North American continent, the European Union, and East Asia.

    - In case of consumption of CPU, memory and bandwidth resources, the maximum quality is guaranteed and the possibility of upgrading to the required pressure on the system in the future is provided.

    - The parties can cancel their contract for any reason. The cancellation request will be effective after 3 months. After the request to cancel the contract, if the direct link to the server provider's website is used, it will be changed to the internal link of the notification page, and the remaining period of the contract will be noted and announced below, waiting for the offer of a new server provider for after We are the end date of the contract.

    Please send your suggestions through the email service domain of the server service provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and other public mail services are not acceptable) to the email address .