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    Plugin has a kind of add-on that can be displayed in any part of the website; add-ons that are purely visual are called plugins. For example, the add-on display of the user ip or the add-on display of the number of turbine rotations in the last minute are divided into plug-ins. Plugins are an add-on helper for components and pages; for example, a quick search plugin is a good complement to a search page.

    Create plugin for Elanat framework is very simple and take 30 second!

    In order to learn create plugin add-on in Elanat framework follow three below step:

    Step 1. Download a raw plugin add-on in below link.


    Step 2. Extract the zip file; after extracting the zip file, you will see two directories; in the directory with the same name as the Add-on type, delete the index.html file and add your executable file in this directory. You can add as many files as you want in the Elanat path in the root directory.

    Step 3. In the directory with the same name as the add-on type, open the catalog.xml file for editing and change or add the necessary values such as add-on name, add-on path, add-on executable file name, etc. Finally, create a zip file containing the directory with the same name as the add-on type and the root directory.

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