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    One of the great features that Elanat framework core gives you is to create content based on name and value.
    You can name the values and then display different content types in different categories.

    You can open the site_global.xml template file in the template directory for editing and create a new content type template in the following path:
    And for content that is displayed alone:

    Note: content_type_name and alone_content_type_name is an example and you can use your own values instead.
    You can then create named values as follows to call the values:
    $_nv example_name;

    To understand more, you can see the following example:
    This simple example displays the values of an image content type.

    image_path =/upload/special/example.png

    image_path is the name
    /upload/special/example.png is the value

    Variable $_nv image_path; In the template file, it calls the /upload/special/example.png value.

    If value contained several lines, instead of the next lines from the variable $_asp new_line; is used.

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