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    Code-Behind is a toolkit that allows you to create aspx files in .NET Core. Code-Behind is a web development style based on MVC. In the future, we will develop Code-Behind in such a way that there is no need to code the view section (such as while, for, and foreach loops). and support a new Web-Form structure that does not have the problems of the standard .NET Web-Form. In the future, Code-Behind can support MVC, Code-Behind and Web-Form at the same time.

    aspx file in .NET core

    We will use Code-Behind to migrate the Elanat framework from .NET Standard to the latest .NET Core versions; during the migration, if we need more convenient coding and more maneuvers to do coding, we will add new features to Code-Behind and provide newer versions of Code-Behind with more features.

    We added Code-Behind in Nuget so you can easily access it.
    You can access it in the following link:
    Github link:

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