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    • By using Code-Behind, Elanat managed to migrate from .NET Standard version 4.5 to .NET Core version 7.0 in a very short time.

      Elanat is the largest .NET system that migrates from .NET Standard to .NET Core.
      It is interesting to know that the duration of Elanat's migration from .NET Standard version 4.5 to .NET Core 7.0 was completed in less than 2 weeks, and this is an extraordinary record and a unique success for Elanat.
      We maintain the Elanat source repository of the standard .NET version so that its comparison with the Elanat source repository of the .NET Core version is an important resource for computer systems researchers.

      In addition to the advantages that .NET Core has over Standard .NET (such as cross-platform), what benefits did the transition to .NET Core bring to Elanat?

      The complexity of the add-on-oriented structure was reduced
      Complete control over requests and the possibility of changing incoming requests from the client side
      Increased server-side independence
      The system became more agile and faster

      We went through a lot of pains to create a add-on-oriented structure at Elanat. But by using the Code-Behind infrastructure, we left all the complications to bypass the loop (which existed in standard .NET).

      Fortunately, all the data remained unchanged and the source code of the server side also had minor changes
      For example, the App_Data directory remains as a relic of the .NET Standard

       - Ionic.Zip.dll was removed
       - ZipFileConnector.dll was removed
       - PathHandlersLoader.aspx was removed
       - PageHandlersLoader.aspx was  removed
       - Added a ListItem class

    We created some methods that were in standard .NET but not in .NET using Extension methods and the codes remained intact.
    Example of SaveAs method on IFormFile

             public static void SaveAs(this IFormFile PostedFile, string FilePath)
                 using (Stream TmpFileStream = new FileStream(FilePath, FileMode.Create, FileAccess.ReadWrite))

    Code-Behind creates the least load on the server, and setting the IgnoreViewAndModel attribute to false makes even the Model and View not be called.

    Currently, Elanat is fully implemented on .NET Core version 7.0 and is undergoing software testing.

    In August 2023, a new version ready to be installed and the source code of Elanat will be provided.

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