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    The Elanat team will soon bring back the former Microsoft Web-Forms in ASP.NET Standard with a new and powerful architecture to ASP.NET Core. New Web-Forms will be added to the CodeBehind Framework.

    Elanat Brings Web-Forms Back to ASP.NET Core

    Over time, the Web-Forms architecture for developing websites using ASP.NET was out of fashion due to its problems and limitations. But Elanat team wants to bring Web-Forms back to ASP.NET Core by presenting a new revolutionary architecture. Elanat has incorporated new improvements to the former Web-Forms architecture and will surprise web developers. It has been tried to revive this architecture in a new and efficient way. The Elanat team has done comprehensive studies to eliminate all the weaknesses of the former Web-Forms; so, significant improvements can be seen in web-forms. With the addition of new Web-Forms to ASP.NET Core, you will see another revolutionary idea from the Elanat team. This is an important step in the evolution of web development!

    Problems that existed in the former Web-Forms:
     - The volume of data sent to the server was large
     - The problem of constantly returning data from the server (
     - The problem of enlarging the page with ViewState as a result of lower loading speed and more bandwidth usage
     - Lack of control over HTML
     - High pressure on the server due to the presence of web controls

    The new Web-Forms that the Elanat team will provide will be combined with the MVC architecture and will give developers high maneuverability. This structure gives new and more flexible solutions in the development of websites and allows them to control their view pages more effectively and with higher quality without worrying about the performance of new Web-Forms.

    In this new Web-Forms architecture, the front-end is completely abandoned and will give a new meaning to the web.

    Wait for this big surprise!

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