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    Version of Elanat is released.

    To install Elanat, you need to go to example.com/install/ url.
    example.com is an example of your website address or localhost.

    You can refer to the Elanat documentation page by referring to the link below.

    Problems that were solved:

     - The problem of not translating the list of categories to add content was solved
     - The problem of displaying pdf in full screen in file viewer was solved
     - The problem of updating the content date after editing was solved
     - The problem of link targets in the link component was solved
     - The problem of not displaying cache values ​​for role types in the option component was solved
     - The problem of not displaying the site section when the language is not active was solved
     - Solving the problem of the fetch component
     - Solving the problem of admin global location support
     - Solving the problem of increasing the number of attachment downloads
     - Solve minor problems in calander
     - Solving the problem of query string not working in static files
     - Solving the problem of open requests remaining open (exceed max pool size) in connection with the database
     - And a series of minor changes and improvements

    Features that were added:

     - Added the possibility of adding an aspx file to the page component or plugin component
     - Support bmp and webp extensions for avatar image
     - webp extension support in file viewer
     - Support for date and color inputs and... for the `el_AjaxPostBack` method
     - Improving default wyswig fonts and making them bigger
     - Accessing contents outside the `wwwroot` directory in the file manager component
     - Displaying errors in the error extra helper in a sorted form and improving their naming
     - Adding the possibility of replacing value in before load page reference
     - Add multipart to the form in the add content component to support long content
     - Added possibility to recompile CodeBehind Framework in refresh component
     - Improved design in the comments section of the site

    Other changes:

     - Updating CodeBehind Framework to version 2.7.1
     - Updating SqlClient to version 4.8.6
     - Updating SixLabors libraries to the latest versions

    The link below shows the current issues of the current version.


    We will solve these problems in future versions. If you are using the current version, if a new update is provided, you can update to the new version through the about component in admin panel.

    System Requirements

    Windows Server 2019,2022 or higher (Windows 10,11 or higher), Linux, Unix, Mac OS related .NET Core
    Dot Net Core 7.0
    IIS 10 or higher, any web server that support .NET Core
    Sql Server 2014,2016,2017,2019 or higher


    CPU : All 64 bit CPU hardware, provided that the operating system works smoothly after installing the necessary software
    Memory: HDD (Elanat run in different drive from Windows drive)
    Ram : 2 GB (256MB for Elanat)

    CPU : Intel Core to due E5700 or AMD Athlon II x2 64 or equivalent
    Memory: HDD (Elanat run in HDD And Windows run in SSD)
    Ram : 3 GB (512MB for Elanat)

    CPU : Intel Pentium G3250 or AMD A6-7480 or equivalent
    Memory : SSD SATA
    Ram : 4 GB (1GB for Elanat)

    Nice performance:
    CPU : Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Athlon 3000G or equivalent
    Memory: SSD PCIe
    Ram : 6 GB (1.5GB for Elanat)

     * The minimum system required for OS and the necessary software must be included, otherwise sufficient resources will not be available to the operating system and it will provide an unfavorable experience.

     * The English language package is already available in the ready-to-install package and Elanat source code; it is placed only so that the developer can change this language pack and create a new language pack.

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