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    The new version of Elanat CMS 2.2 has been released with new fixes and improvements.

    Some of the key changes in this version of Elanat CMS include solving various problems such as issues with translating categories, displaying PDF files in full screen, updating content dates after editing, link targets, cache values for role types, and more.  new features have been added like support for aspx files in components, bmp and webp extensions for avatars, date and color inputs for el_AjaxPostBack method, and more. Updates include upgrading CodeBehind Framework to version 2.7.1, SqlClient to version 4.8.6, and other libraries to the latest versions.

    In the coming days, we will provide the possibility of updating Elanat CMS version to version through the about component.

    download link:

    https://elanat.net/content/97/Elanat version is released.html

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